Om Vinje

Vinje Brewery is located in the mountainous municipality, Vinje. Over 60% of the area in Vinje is located over 1000 meters above sea level.
Vinje has a rich cultural history, and there has been people living here since the Stone Age. Back then, as now, people here live in symbiosis with the nature here. Hunting and outdoor life is still very popular here.
The rugged terrain has through generations shaped the locals as well as inspired to create some of the most interesting and well known cultural treasures we have in Norway.

It is known that both barley and hops has been grown here for ages. Back in the day, they had to grow these grains to be able to deliver the amount requested by the church and the king. They also used juniper as a taste enhancer as well as a preservative.

In addition to these traditional ingredients, we also believe that the fresh and clean water contribute to the high quality of the beer we brew.