Cross Country


The section of cross country trail with flood lights from the ski area to Botn is prepared daily between Christmas and Easter as necessary. The distance is 6.5 km each direction.

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The cross country trails in Edland/Haukeli are in the center of the town, and are well prepared throughout the season. The trails lie primarily south of the river Kjela, which runs through town. All of the trails are wide enough for both classic skiing and skating. Large portions of the trails are lit up at night throughout the winter until 10:00 pm.

The ski trails lead through forest terrain, and offer a good variety for all skill levels. You can start from the small ski area at Sundflaten, where you will find a clubhouse, and small terrain park for the kids in the local sports club, I.L. Rein. Turn off of E134 at Velemoen Camping. Another alternative is to ski from the Edland Schoolhouse. Here you can combine your ski trip with a trip to the swimming pool, sauna, gym, and have a hot shower in the evenings on mandays, wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays.

The portion of the ski trails which are lit at night stretch for 5 km, and are prepared as necessary, but mostly during the weekdays as the trails are used for ski races and training.

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Maps of the ski trails may be purchased at local tourist destinations.

Haukelifjell / Vågslid offers roughly 65 km of prepared cross country ski trails, both in the high mountain landscape and through forest terrain. The trails are prepared throughout the season as required.

Large area
The most intricate nettwork of trails lies on the west side of E-134, between Tyrvelid and Botn and throughout the area in towards Fossen and Åmlinuten. Here you will find a wide variety of both shorter and longer loops to choose between.

High Mountain Trails
The high mountain trails begin at the ski area from the top of Haukeliheisen (T-bar lift) and lead in to the mountains towards Haukeiseter. Due to the migration route of the wild reindeer we are not allowed to prepare the trail all the way to Haukeliseter, so the prepared trail stops at the top of Kreklingdyrskar, and from here you will find a marked trail to Haukeliseter. In easter, this stretch of trail will be prepared.

Cross Country Trail Rules
The Vågslid area offers excellent opportunities for cross country skiing on a large network of prepared trails. However, everyone who uses these trails must show respect for the rules and for other skiers.

Below you will see general cross country trail rules which are intended for both casual skiiers and those who are training actively. Following these rules will lead to fewer accidents, less irritation, and more fun for everyone.

Ten rules for cross country skiiers

  • Show respect for other skiiers.
  • Be especially respectful to both youth and the elderly.
  • Keep to the right side of the trail just like when driving.
  • Those skiing downhill have the right of way, and those skiing uphill must give them as much space as they need when passing.
  • Those skiing downhill have the responsibility to give warning, and if necessary yell “get out of the way”!
  • Those coming from behind do not have the right of way, and must pass on the side.
  • Pull out to the side of the trail when you stop to have a break.
  • Dog owners must show extra caution and have full control over their animals.
  • Skiiers who are training do not have any special rights.
  • Do not walk on the ski trails