Welcome to Vasseventyret på Haukelifjell!

Vasseventyret is an interactive trail/hike for children and adults. Vasseventyret’s theme is water and hydroelectric power. Vasseventyret starts at Arbuvollen Kiosk.

About the hike
  • 1.3 km long
  • Stroller-friendly
  • The first part of the trail is also wheelchair-friendly.
  • There is a spot you can fish.
  • Two nice spots along the trail to eat/grill.

The story about “Sildre”

On the hike you follow a superhero called “Sildre”. Sildre is a happy and positive drop of water who is on a mission in Haukeli. He has heard rumors that plants and fish are dying up here, and that his friend, “Live”, has become ill.
Someone must be polluting the nature in Haukelifjell!
Sildre is suspicious that “Surkula” has something to do with all of this. To find out more, and to find out how the story ends, you’ll have to go on the trail!

Along the trail there are several installations where you can:

  • Test out how to make electricity
  • See how much water we use compared to poorer countries
  • Have a water fight with Surkula!

You’ll learn more about water! What is water? Why does it rain? Where does the water in this river go? And much more!