There are more or less endless opportunities for fishing in the Haukeli area. The lakes here offer some of the best high-mountain fishing in southern Norway.

The lakes are mostly dominated by mountain trout, but in lake Totak you can also catch arctic char.
Most of the lakes have lots of fish. They vary in size, but on average they are from 150g – 1500g.
Wether you flyfish, use a spinner or worms, there is always a lake that will fit your style!

The fishing here truly is excellent, especially if you also consider the scenery you get to experience. In Vågslid you can hike to over 70 lakes which are covered by the same fishing license! The terrain is pretty easy to hike around in up there.

If you don’t feel like hiking, the fishing along road E-134 (the main road) is also very good!

In the winter, you can also ice fish on  many of the same lakes.


The fishing season is good from the end of June until September.

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